Looking For a New Fall Drink? Apple Brandy is Having a Moment

Over hard cider? Toast this year's apple season with something even harder.

apple brandy
Evan Sklar

Germain-Robin Heirloom Apple Brandy ($65), made with fruit from California’s Anderson Valley, has a tannic structure reminiscent of mature red wine. You’ll taste the apples, but that’s by no means the predominant flavor.

Osocalis Apple Brandy ($80) brings a slightly richer sip, with hints of apple pie, ocean, and smoke. (The smokiness isn’t necessarily from the barrels; it’s mostly just a product of time.)

Clear Creek Eau de Vie de Pomme ($45) has more noticeable oak notes and plays well in an Apple Manhattan: Mix two parts apple brandy, one part high-quality sweet vermouth, and a dash of bitters, then pour over ice.

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