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Miss Uganda Beauty Contest Demands Contestants Milk A Cow

Can Miss America herd goats? We suspect not.

The winner of this year’s Miss Uganda beauty pageant, Leah Kalanguka, had to demonstrate proper sheep- and goat-handling skills and milk a cow before earning her crown. Miss America’s current winner, Kira Kazantsev of New York, won her title after performing “Happy” by Pharrell using empty cups like in that movie.

Dissatisfied with the structure and lack of popularity of previous Miss Uganda pageants, Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni decided to intervene, and sent in his own army to reformat the competition to better promote agriculture, the backbone of the country’s economy. There was no swimsuit section, and Kalanguka’s winning speech included a statement about wanting to create better agricultural techniques for her country.

Photos from the event reveal beautiful Ugandan women on tractors, with sheep, with cows. The competitors had to be taught how to milk cows; Kalanguka, for example, holds a degree in computer engineering, though she does have a background in mushroom farming, according to The Guardian.

As of yet, Kazantsev, the current Miss America, has not revealed whether she knows how to milk a cow.

(Image by Rebecca Vassie/AP)

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