Shuttering Coal-fired Plants in US Improves Crop Yields - Modern Farmer

Shuttering Coal-fired Plants in US Improves Crop Yields

Between 2005 and 2016, 570 million bushels of crops were saved after surrounding coal plants were shut down.

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Ed Harm
4 months ago

Funny; here in WC Wisconsin we now have soil sample deficiencies in sulfur.

James Pagel
4 months ago

This is a disappointing and untruthful article… There is no direct correlation between coal plants and crop production..
Sorry, extremely deceptive

Teresa G Fleener
4 months ago

For the folks that question this graphic, a quick lesson. Sulphur in the soil is not the same as sulfur in the air. Sulfur in the air that lands on the foliage of the plants is essentially sulfuric acid. That is what causes the damage to the plants. This can be seen with satellite data using infrared analysis. Hopefully Dr. Wendel will be able to ground proof her work by following up with the farmers or the extension agents. Coal plants, particularly the high sulfur coal on the east coast, are bad news for everyone.

4 months ago

I wonder about this article…………too.

4 months ago

Sounds like a bunch of made of bs.

4 months ago

10.2 billion is more than 30 bu per acre for all corn soybeans wheat and sorghum acres. Seems very high.

4 months ago

Our soils in Ohio are sulphur deficient and we must feed our crop additional sulphur costing us more money. Not buying this premise at all.

4 months ago

Ummm ……….more likely rain and availability of nitrogen. As a master gardener and home horticulture guy I’m thinking that shutting coal plants is great and all, but this flyer presents its data more like a convenient correlation and its causation is a stretch.

4 months ago

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