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5 Fun and Healthy Holiday Party Platters

Try saying that five times fast.

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At Modern Farmer, we like to have fun with our food. This is why we scoured the internet (and also so that you don’t have to) for easy, wacky, weird, beautiful, edible holiday-themed creations. These five were too kitschy to resist.

Strawberry-Banana Santas (and More)
Because they don’t require cooking and provide the perfect red-and-white color combo, bananas and strawberries offer endless opportunities for the creative, time-strapped holiday chef. Check out the strawberry-banana Santa treats from mykidslickthebowl.com (they could also pass as elves) and the strawberry-banana snowmen pops from onehandedcooks.com. Delish.com has an adult version involving Jell-o and vodka.

Egg (and Eggplant) Penguins
For a protein platter, eggs offer a wintry look and plenty of calories around which to base a platter. Roxyskitchen.com has a creative take in which the black skin of eggplant is used to create the black head and wings of penguins made with an egg body. Carefully cut carrots supply the feet.

Cheese-and-Cracker Santas
This one is super-quick and super-fun: round crackers with a red Santa cap made from sun-dried tomato; black currants for eyes; and a beard and mustache made from white cheese. See catchmyparty.com for the full instructions.

Edible Wreaths
This is a no-brainer: Arrange vegetables on a circular platter with a bowl of dip in the middle. You can do the same with cheese, crackers and meat, or with fruit, using whipped cream or chocolate sauce for dipping. The key is to get creative with the design so it doesn’t look like any old dip platter. Plan your color combinations carefully (red, green, and white) and consider adding little accents (herbs, candy sprinkles, flowers, cherry tomatoes) that call to mind ornaments and Christmas lights. Looking for inspiration? Check out 10 edible wreath ideas at thedailymeal.com.

Fruit Tree
Now for the centerpiece. There are many ways to go about this, but Fully Raw Christina, a raw food YouTube sensation, has a great technique, which she demonstrates in a video that’s sure to make you smile. You sculpt a pineapple into a sturdy base, to the top of which you pin a pear with toothpicks (the two fruits should form a roughly pyramidal shape). Then you use more toothpicks to pin smaller pieces of fruit as decorations for the edible Christmas “tree.”

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