Five Field-Tested Tools Recommended by Modern Farmer Readers - Modern Farmer

Five Field-Tested Tools Recommended by Modern Farmer Readers

They're farmer favorites for a reason - check it out.

Farmer's Friend Caterpillar Tunnel Kit is an affordable alternative to hoop houses.

Farmer’s Friend Caterpillar Tunnel Kit (see above)

From $925;

“At less than a dollar per interior square foot, these prefab tunnels offer an affordable alternative to custom hoop houses, allowing me to get a head start on spring crops and extend my harvest later into the fall.” – Finegan Ferreboeuf Steelbow Farm Norridgewock, ME

Down to Earth Bio-Live 5-4-2 Fertilizer

$15 for 5-pound box; for stores, see

“As I start to work the soil after a long winter, I apply liberal amounts of this organic fertilizer. Unlike synthetic amendments, Bio-Live 5-4-2 relies on beneficial micro-organisms to jump-start productivity.” – Andrea Vanderbilt, Teach Me To Grow LLC, Fort Collins, CO


Hand-Held Soil Blocker


“Even biodegradable pots made from peat or newspaper can cause seedlings to become root-bound. Not so the self-contained blocks this machine turns out. All you need to do is add soil-starting mix and water.” – Monica Conyers Wichita, KS

Nejiri Gama Hoe


“The Nejiri Gama’s super-sharp blade glides through dry, rocky soil and easily slices big, tough stems and roots. That beveled edge also renders precision weeding a cinch.” – Emily Beeman, BioCentury Research Farm at Iowa State University, Boone, IA


Beekman 1802 Garden Dibble


“If you’re sowing seeds in a small area, consider this elegant, handcrafted tool, which creates consistently spaced holes of equal depth. Plus, it’s fun to say ‘dibble.’” – Angela Ferraro-Fanning, Axe & Root Homestead Whitehouse Station, NJ


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