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5 Readers Share Their Favorite Farm Tools for Fall

Whether handling chickens or hauling cows, our readers rely on these tools to get the job done.

The Roo Apron
$32.95; rooapron.com

“The Roo is like a wearable trug, with a roomy pouch for gathering vegetables and eggs. The padded canvas upper also protects against chicken talons. I love it!” – Clarissa Hall, Featherhead Farms, Oakdale, CA

Wolverine D-Handle Steel Spade
$56.75; wolverinehandtools.com

“The 29-inch-long handle provides much more leverage than a regular spade, and the tempered-steel blade is sharp enough to chop up thick roots while working the soil. I once misplaced mine for a few weeks and got almost nothing done!” – Cara Marion, Woodland Hills Homestead, Woodland Hills, CA

G2X Tactical Single Output LED Flashlight
$70; surefire.com

“A marine corps veteran I farmed with turned me on to this flashlight. It’s tough, powerful, and crazy-bright, yet small enough to fit in my pocket. I use it to check on livestock in the dark. I love being able to do a head count without walking all the way out in the fields.” – Sarah Campbell, New Roots Farm, West River, MD

Benchmade Osborne 940
$215; benchmade.com

“This is the best everyday knife – great for cutting baling twine, opening feed sacks, and dealing with any other little thing that comes your way. Plus, it’s easy to open with just one hand.” – Caitlin Bergman, Copia Farm, Johnstown, OH

John Deere Gator XUV 855D S4
$16,099; deere.com

“It was a huge investment for a dairy farm on a tight budget, but our Gator has replaced the truck for most jobs. We’ve even figured out how to use it to lure cows to be milked: Place a baby calf in the back, and the mother will follow.” – Gina Hanna-Stokes, Udder Generations Farm LLC, Oshkosh, WI


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