Mooooove Over Gene Simmons! Here Comes Genie the Calf

Separated at birth? Genie (the calf) and Gene (the rockstar)

Hill County Visitor's Facebook page/Wikimedia Commons

You may recall the goats that look like famous mugshots post we did a while back, this calf takes the animal doppleganger game to a whole new level. Born last Friday on a ranch in Kerrville, Texas, Genie is a calf who happens to look freakishly similar to Gene Simmons, the bassist from Kiss.

According to her owner, Heather Taccetta, Genie, like her namesake, also likes to stick our her super-long tongue.

Genie was first featured on the Hill Country Visitor’s Facebook page—they joked that Simmons might be the father, asking where he had been on “or about Nov. 25, 2016 (when Genie was conceived). Guess we can add this to the already long list of Kiss stories, which includes the urban legend that Simmons had a cow’s tongue surgically attached to his own. But nope! That rumor is false; Simmons long tongue is 100 percent his.

Taccetta, who works at a local steak house, told Hill Country Visitor that Kiss was playing on the radio at the time of Genie’s conception, so perhaps Gene is just the spiritual father to the rock and roll calf.

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Simmons himself has gotten wind of the lookalike cow. “This is Real,” he tweeted. Whether he meant the picture or the whole paternity thing is anyone’s guess.

No word yet hope the calf will follow in Simmons’ footsteps in other ways, like starring in own incredibly weird movie and comic book, getting an action figure, or guest appearing on Scooby Doo.

Mooooove Over Gene Simmons! Here Comes Genie the Calf