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Photographic Proof That Goats Love Standing on Things

Whether it's a hippo, a motorcycle, or another goat, these critters just can't stop themselves from climbing on top of whatever is at hand, or hoof, rather.

A little goat-on-goat action. Get your mind out of the gutter!

It may hark back to their ancient alpine roots, to their penchant for nibbling the tastiest plant shoots and leaves no matter how high up, or to their desire to be top dog – er goat. Whatever the reason, enjoy these goats standing on things. Spoiler alert: there are no goats in trees in this article. For that, see this article.

It must be in their blood from day one. Even the youngsters can’t resist.


This guy was nice enough to stand a little higher so the folks at the Kansas City Zoo could fully take in his whole look.


“Look, ma, I’m on a rock! That’s on a table!”


Goat on a hog. Okay, it’s not actually a hog, but we really wanted to make the joke.

. Wikimedia Commons.


Remember that cat on a Roomba viral video? This is… no, never mind, not the same.


If there’s nothing else around, another goat will do.

Wikimedia Commons

And, because why not, here’s a goat on a hippo.

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