High Performance, Low Impact: These Unique Homes Have an Environmental Purpose

In an industry known for excess waste, Deltec Homes focuses on sustainability first.

For nearly a half-century, Deltec Homes has been dedicated to creating innovative, sustainable and beautiful homes with passion, excellence and respect for the natural world. Inspired by its serene setting in Asheville, North Carolina, Deltec has an ongoing mission to go beyond reducing environmental impact to creating a positive, restorative effect. That dedication has earned Deltec a B Corporation Certification in 2016—an honor verifying not only their commitment to be the best in the world, but the best for the world as well. “The B Corp values align with what our company has valued since 1968. We’re passionate about not only creating a better product, but a better community, environment and world,” said Steve Linton, president of Deltec Homes.

With Deltec’s method of prefabrication, the research required for designing a high performance and net-zero home is already done, making the building process faster, easier and more cost-effective.

Whether you choose a custom Classic Deltec or a pre-designed model from their Renew Collection, Deltec works with you closely to achieve your desired level of sustainability: from simple energy efficiency to net-zero and beyond.

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Environmental considerations guide each step of the process, beginning with prefabrication. Deltec’s factory is powered with 100% renewable energy, and they have an extensive recycle and reuse program that diverts more than 80% of waste away from the landfill. Each home is built using the strongest framing lumber available and stored in a climate-controlled environment, keeping it safe from the elements until it’s delivered. Once delivered, it can be assembled in a matter of days. This method of building enables Deltec to focus on the finer details of your home, such as durability and efficiency.

That focus on durability makes their round homes a favorite in high-wind and hurricane-prone areas. In nearly 50 years, not a single Deltec home has been lost due to high winds of any kind—an outstanding record based on their detailed attention to the shape, quality of materials and structural engineering.

All Deltec homes are designed to create a seamless connection between you and your environment. In the Classic Deltec models, the self-supporting roof system means no load-bearing walls so you can create any floor plan imaginable. The round shape also allows you to capture panoramic views and truly bring the outdoors in. In the Renew Collection, each floor plan is intentionally designed to maximize energy efficiency and functionality.

Deltec provides the structural shell of your home, which includes the exterior wall system, roof system and floor system. Then, they offer a full list of options you can add to your shell, such as pre-installed exterior siding, pre-installed windows, wall upgrade, decking and many more. Once prefabricated, Deltec ships the shell to your job site where it’s set on a permanent foundation (already prepared by your local builder) and assembled in just a few days, with the interior finished by your builder to your specifications. Deltec provides your builder with the floorplan,  hardware, instructions and support he or she needs to complete your home. If desired, Deltec can also recommend an onsite field consultant to assist with the shell assembly.

From start to finish, you have full access to Deltec’s services: your Project Manager will work with you to develop the perfect floor plan and their Green Building Department will help you achieve your green building goals in the most practical and cost-effective way.

If you dream of a beautiful, sustainable home, Deltec can help you built it.

High Performance, Low Impact: These Unique Homes Have an Environmental Purpose