Cream of the Crop: This Week’s Best

The weekend is finally on the horizon, and it’s almost quittin’ time. Kick back at your work desk and dive into some of our best stories for the week. The bosses left early. They’ll never know.

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The Brave New World Of Wine And Cannabis Pairings
The sommelier recommends a buttery chardonnay with your Northern Lights.


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Get a Load of Our Manure Guide
We aren’t handing you any bull. It’s our pootastic manure guide.



Uncle Sam Wants You…to Farm National Parkland!
Here’s your chance to farm on national parkland.


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Meet Modern Farmer’s Guest Instagrammer: Ten Barn Farm
Ladies and gentleman, say hello to our newest guest Instagrammer, Ten Barn Farm.


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Ribs! These Pigs Have More
A good ribbing. A farm in Australia is breeding pigs to have more ribs.



Take Two Apples and Call Me in the Morning
Your mother was right, as usual. Doctors are prescribing fruits and vegetables for patients’ health.


Cream of the Crop: This Week’s Best