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Kickstarting the Modern Farm

Our Kickstarting the Modern Farmer series has returned! Scroll down to check out an exciting range of projects from a permaculture school to a helping a veteran start a second life as a farmer. Get your wallets ready: let's make some dreams come true.


Permaculture School
Matthew Onyeanula aims to establish a regenerative agriculture and permaculture demonstration center within the Kyrehi community of Ghana, where people often face roadblocks like depleted land, lack of education and lack of capital. He and the Mattkel Regenerative Center aim to offer education on beekeeping, agroforestry systems, sustainable animal management, passive solar energy and more.

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RAW Virgin Coconut Oil that Transforms Communities
Coconut oil is a rockstar among oils: just as great for cooking as it is for hair and body care, and plentiful in places in the world in need of a sustainable resource to export and fight poverty. Dignity Raw Virgin Coconut Oil is made by men and women in rural Philippines. The project heads want to bring the product from the wholesale market into the market where consumers will see it, because the growth of this company will bring hundreds of jobs to the Philippines and impact the livelihood of more than 2,000 local people.

Shugga Wuggas Farm
Combat veteran Rosie Moore wants to make the transition from serving her country to serving her community as a farmer. Moore purchased 35 acres of land in Colorado this past fall from which she hopes to reap fruits, veggies, poultry, eggs and dairy when she has the materials she needs. She also plans to start a CSA available to the local community, particularly fellow veterans. “My hope,” Moore says on Kickstarter, “is to become a farm that helps to bring veterans together and bring people wonderful food that will enrich their lives.”

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Heritage Harvest Farm
Angela and Pascal Peladeau have perfected Heritage Harvest Farm, Ontario’s first (and only!) year-round full-diet CSA, over 10 years of love and labor. This self-sustaining, CSA-only farm provides the community with comfort and knowledge of where their food comes from, as well as workshops and classes (such as bread baking, meat curing and cheesemaking) to allow members of the community to be more self-reliant. Their goal with this Kickstarter is to build a studio/classroom space to bring their offerings to groups of people such as school-age children. It will allow Angela and Pascal to expand class sizes and increase the variety of classes they offer.


Nein Haus Farms: Funding the Dirt
Katherine and Greg Brown own plenty of farm animals. They own farm equipment, bail hay, and put in the hours. The issue? They don’t own any land, but rather rent it: farmers without a farm, farming nonetheless. Through Kickstarter, they hope to raise enough money to purchase land near their home (rather than the land they rent, which they have to commute to) where they can work their farm into a place that the community can rely on for fresh food. Many people in their community live meal-to-meal with processed, cheap food. By contributing to their effort to get land for a centrally located farm, you can help provide their community a place to get healthier food at a decent price.


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