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This Paper Keeps It Fresh

A way to keep produce fresh longer.

She’s been thinking about it ever since. And in 2010, Shukla invented FreshPaper, an organic sheet of paper infused with a mixture of spices”Š – ”Šincluding fenugreek”Š – ”Šsaid to ward off bacteria and keep produce fresh up to four times longer. “Basically, it’s a dryer sheet for produce,” says Shukla, who found an audience for FreshPaper at local farmers markets.

Today, Shukla’s company, Fenugreen, ships FreshPaper to 35 countries and sells it online and in stores like Whole Foods. With every sale of FreshPaper, Fenugreen donates another box to a local food bank and matches profits with donations to farmers in the developing world.

“I designed FreshPaper for people like my grandmother, who don’t have access to refrigeration”Š,” says Shukla. “I never thought it would be used in places like the U.S. I didn’t understand how massive a problem food waste is.”


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