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Norwegian Wood

The first landscape hotel in Europe is hidden in Norwegian wood.

Photo courtesy Juvet Landscape Hotel.

In northwestern Norway, a six-and-a-half-hour drive from Oslo, owner Knut Slinning has created a modern outpost – with freestanding cabin-style rooms plopped in the middle of a nature reserve overlooking a steep gorge. The hotel offers access to local guides who lead fishing, rafting, skiing, and other river and alpine adventures. Guests can then enjoy a traditional Norwegian dinner (think reindeer or smoked whale), served at a long communal table in a converted barn.

The glass-walled buildings are meant to promote harmony with nature. The aim of the hotel is “to keep the landscape, but turn it into something more”‰ – ”‰something out of the ordinary,” says Slinning. But plan ahead: the rooms get booked far in advance.

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