Behind the Scenes With the CowCam - Modern Farmer

Behind the Scenes With the CowCam

Go behind the scenes as our friends at Tuna Traffic set up the CowCam at Never Rest Farm.

CowCam 3

“Operation: CowCam” commences in the rafters of Never Rest Dairy!

CowCam 4

“Camera 1, Camera 2, Camera 1, Camera 2”: Scoping out possible camera angles for CowCam #2

CowCam 6

How many extension cords does it take to reach the end of the catwalk?

CowCam 2

No cows were injured during the making and installation of these CowCams.

CowCam 7

Chocolate Milk Cow


Taking a picture of a picture: Documenting the setup for CowCam #1.

CowCam 9


CowCam 5

It doesn’t count unless you take a selfie!

CowCam 10


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