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The 10 Best Short Films from the Real Food Media Contest

The Real Food Media Contest put out an open call for short films about the good, the bad and the ugly in our food system. Here's the judges ten favorite flicks.

Title: Homeward
Filmmakers: Daniel Klein and Mirra Fine
Tagline: “Tired of seeing friends and family leaving their community in Mexico for the United States, farmers in Hidalgo created this cooperative, keeping their families together with organic oregano.”

Title: Who Keeps the Beekeepers?
Filmmaker: Timothy Powers
Tagline: “We’ve heard about the bees, but what about the beekeepers? The voices of the last remaining beekeepers talk about the future of our food supply.”

Title: A Greene Generation
Filmmaker: Tim Grant
Tagline: “In rural western North Carolina you’ll find a small, organic, family farm whose next generation is passionate about good food.”

Title: Hands in the Orchestra
Filmmaker: Kevin Longa
Tagline: “Go behind the scenes in San Francisco restaurant kitchens in this rocking short about the hands who feed us.”

Title: Green Bronx Machine
Filmmaker: Brendan Van Meter
Tagline: “Green Bronx Machine feeds the minds, hearts and stomachs of students in the poorest congressional district in America. Leader Stephen Ritz and his community grow urban gardens and harvest organic citizens. Si se puede!”

Title: The Gift
Filmmaker: Jean-Marc Abela
Tagline: “Canadian Dan Jason is a pioneer in seed farming who shares his vision of the bounty of nature in this poetically shot short.”

Title: The Berry Picker
Filmmaker: Allison Milligan
Tagline: “A college student in Oregon spends her summers picking berries with her parents. This is her story.”

Title: Reaping the Whirlwind
Filmmaker: Eleanor Goodrich
Tagline: “The Dust Bowl is not just a chapter for U.S. history books. This short doc talks about why we could face another and what we can do about it.”

Title: Harmony Gardens
Filmmaker: Solomon Horner
Tagline: “Meet Dhijana Scott-Harmony and husband Borys and their suburban backyard turned into a food paradise.”

Title: Our Land: Solution to Pollution
Filmmaker: Severine von Tscharner Fleming
Tagline: “Community members, farmers and the EPA come together to create thriving farms out of empty lots in this example of citizen-led problem-solving.”

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