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The Modern Farmer Holiday Gift Guide

Shop our winter gift guide, where we've gathered the most inspirational, unique, practical and beautiful objects to send you into this colder season in style.



Slalom Sled

Proper handcrafted sleds from Colorado, where they still get snow.
Mountain Boy Sledworks, $150


Bunad Blanket

This blanket by designer Andreas Engesvik is inspired by textiles from Norwegian folk costumes.
Andreas Engesvik, $280


Wood and Stone Mugs

Unusually grabbable Japanese coffee mugs with wooden and stone handles.
Hakusan Toki, $125


The Present Clock

Annual Time clock makes one full revolution every 365 days.
Annual Time, $249


Baguette Cutting Board

Extra long, color-blocked cutting boards serve baguettes beautifully.
Lostine, $168


Pasta: Recipes From the Kitchen of the American Academy in Rome

For quick pasta meals all winter long from the executive chef of the Rome Sustainable Food Project.
Little Bookroom, $22


Utility Canvas Blankets

If you throw them over your furniture, your dogs will definitely jump on them. But these durable, washable blankets are indestructible.
Utility Canvas, $145


Cook’s Dry Measure

Measure everything in one go with this multitasking tool.
Labour and Wait, $20


Eau Good Filter Water Bottle

Functional product with charm, the charcoal filter makes the water neutral, lasts six months and can be recycled for kindling.
Black+Blum, $20


Wooly the Sheep Doll

Blabla is a popular children’s line of soft and whimsical knitted playthings and decor, which was founded on the belief that children are driven by their senses and imagination.

Blabla’s collection is designed by Florence Wetterwald and knitted by Peruvian artisans. Everything is made from natural fibers of exceptional quality grown in Peru, making the blabla dolls irresistibly soft and cuddly. Each detail is hand stitched and gives each doll its unique personality. With a commitment to fair trade, and keeping environmental awareness in mind, blabla products look contemporary yet feel like old friends.
blablakids, $56




Stikkan Wood Splitter

Norwegian wood splitter that mounts on the wall to make instant kindling so you don’t have to go outside.
Stikkan, $218


Bloak Ladder

A white oak ladder with a smooth finish – great for hanging towels.
Lostine, $475


Tin Cloth Dog Bowl

A deep, portable water bowl made of waterproof tin cloth for long hikes and outings with the dog.
Filson, $38


Rope Doorstop

Made by a knotting enthusiast in Suffolk, England, this doorstop is modeled after the Monkey’s Fist knot.
Labour and Wait, $105


G. Wiseman Pocket Knife

Sodbuster knives are for the working man. Rustproof, with a brass hinge, this knife can do a lot.
G. Wiseman, $329


BioLite CampStove

Light as a cup of coffee, this kindling-fueled stove charges your phone and cooks your dinner by converting thermal energy into electric.
BioLite, $129


Kusakichi Bachi Hoe

A finely crafted, durable, light and extremely sharp hoe from Japan.
Hida Tool, $30


Finder Books

Pocket guides to flowers and trees make perfect stocking stuffers for treehugging friends.
Nature Study Guild Publishers, $5


Artisan-Painted Paddles

Authentic wilderness canoe paddles from Minnesota. You’ll want one in every pattern for your next camping trip.
Sanborn Canoe, $155


Audubon Bird Call

Made in Rhode Island, this classic, simple bird watcher’s tool creates a tweeting noise (curious birds will come investigate).
American Bird Products, $9


Lapel Torch

A hands-free lapel light to illuminate any route from Mount Everest to early-morning cow milking.
Snow Peak, $60


Weather Willow Stick

Nature’s weatherman, this willow branch points up for good weather, down for bad and can be mounted on your shed.
Davvis Hill Company, $13


Owl Garden Shovel

Made with white oak, it’s lightweight but does the heavy lifting and digging.
Hida Tool, $32


Potting Trowel

Sharp, beautiful and hand-forged, this potting trowel is made by a Dutch company founded in 1913.
Labour and Wait, $45


Potato Baskets

Vintage-inspired wire potato baskets are hand-painted and wonderful for collecting veggies or just as great-looking storage.
Lostine, $38


Waterproof Waxed-Canvas Lunch Bag

A durable bag that will keep your lunch dry.
Kaufman Mercantile, $48


Dutch-Style Broom

Rice straw grabs final crumbs and gets into hard-to-reach corners.
Old Faithful Shop, $10


Leather Tool Case

An attractive German-made leather tool case will inspire you to cart your tools around everywhere you go.
Labour and Wait, $129



Denim Chore Coat

If you want to wear your denim jacket into early winter, the blanket lining will take you through the seasons.
Blue Blue, $440


W’s Freda Scarf

Soft, long and lightweight, this scarf hails from Woolrich’s hipster-influenced collection, John Rich and Bros.
Woolrich, $85


Deerskin Mittens

Keep your hands warm whilst doing outside chores. Made in Vermont.
Kiosk, $38


Special Edition Down Sweater

A super warm, incredibly thin underlayer made of super compressed down. Can be worn under a jacket. Also great for outdoor sports in winter.
Patagonia, $329


Wool Socks

Thick, warm socks with a dash of neon to keep things interesting.
Mads NØrgaard, $40


Wool and Salmon Skin House Shoes

Salmon leather and wool house slippers are a Patagonian tradition.
Kaufman Mercantile, $59


Foldable Japanese Rubber Boots

Designed for Japanese rice farmers, these rubber boots come with an elastic loop that helps them to collapse and fit in a handbag.
Kaufman Mercantile, $129

Market Editor: Julian Biber

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Elena Perelet
3 years ago

non of the links are sending you to actual product. instead just to a shopping website.