8 Jaw-Dropping Russian Tractor Videos

The Bison Track Show is an annual tractor race in the Rostov region of western Russia, where tractors sometimes reach speeds of over 70 kilometers per hour. Track obstacles include burning gates, mud baths and jumps, and last year's event was attended by 30,000 fans.

 Bizon, the agricultural machinery manufacturer that sponsors the event, claims that the purpose is to draw the nation's young people back into the agricultural sector -- and there does seem to be a national obsession with tractors in Russia, with a number of YouTube videos of four-wheeled ag machinery going viral. Here are some of our favorites:


2012 Bison Track Show Highlight Reel

Thirty-four Russian mechanics competed in the 10th annual Bison Track Show race on May 20th, 2012, and coincided with the 75th anniversary of the Rostov Region. Airborne tractors, smash-and-bash action in the mud pits — this video has it all. It’s also been viewed more than 300,000 times.

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Tractor Rescue

A man in one tractor attempts to pull another out of a mud pit. It takes several tries. Apparently there is an audience for this sort of thing out there, as the video has gathered over 200,000 views. Watch for the parting shot at the end of the video — this tractor does some serious damage to the landscape.

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Tractor Acrobat (Tractorbat)

Everyone knows that Russia has a world-class gymnastics team. Here is an example of a world-class tractor acrobat, or, as he’s known in our newly minted portmanteau: tractorbat (you heard it here first). The Moscow Olympics should make room for this guy.

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Tractor Against Building

The title of the video says it all. The driver of this tractor — either drunk or asleep, apparently — rams into a building and then hangs out there for a while.

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Another video with a crew of roughnecks attempting to pull a sunken tractor out of the mud. This vid has has racked up over 125,000 views.



Flying Tractor

A Belarus tractor is hoisted into the air with a crane and lowered into the bed of a truck. This is is just a very large thing getting lifted, and it’s been watched almost a half million times.

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A Russian Tractor Driver Refuses to Give Up

A tractor gets stuck in a river and does everything it can to get out. Over 12 million views.

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Inchworm Tractor

A tractor driver improvises after his engine dies.

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Bonus: Traktor Racing Volvo Terror

Ok, so this guy isn’t Russian. But his tractor goes really, really fast. This is Fast and the Furious material. This tractor drifts. 

8 Jaw-Dropping Russian Tractor Videos