16 Porkers from the Past

Thanks to the Library of Congress and their voluminous photo archives (which we have dipped into many times before) let’s take look at swine from a different time. Here are 16 of our favorite vintage photos of porkers and oinkers, rooters and brooders. Enjoy!

Nebraska Pigs

Pigs on a farm in Custer County, Nebraska. A sod house in the background. ca. 1886.

COlorado pigs

Colorado pigs do what they do best: root in the dirt. Site unknown. ca. 1890.

Big Pig!

A big pig in an unknown city-like location. Hangin’ loose. ca. 1920.

Baby SPotted

A spotted baby pig spotted in Denver, Colorado. ca. 1920.

ALfalfa Pig New Mexico 1912

Alfalfa Pig Farm New Mexico. ca. 1912

Flapper Hat Gals and baby piggies

Two gals holding baby piglets in their pre-flapper hats. ca 1910.

Irwinville Pig feed!

Feeding the the pigs by hand in Irwinville, Georgia. ca. 1938.

Agr.Dept. Boy's Pig club

A beautiful shot of the Agriculture Department Boy’s Pig Club. ca. 1909.

Texan Pigs

Lone star pigs in Texas. ca. 1910

Pig Loose on Goose Island

A pig loose on Goose Island! ca. 1911.


College Station, Texas. This guy’s blowin’ up the camera. Who can’t love a face like that? ca. 1942.

buttin your face

Still learning how to move. Baby piglets from College Station, once more. ca. 1942.

Feelin Affection

Same crowd, different angle, and showing a little more affection. Sweetie pies. ca. 1942.


No Loitering allowed. Pig litter, on a farm near Hinesville, Georgia. ca. 1941.


Pig litter near Burlington, Vermont! ca. 1941.


These fellas are rooting around a construction worker’s tent at Camp Livingston in Alexandria, Louisiana. ca. 1940.

16 Porkers from the Past