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5 Combine Demolition Derby Videos That’ll Wreck Your Neck

Got an old combine or harvester sitting around, collecting dust? Maybe it's time to enter a combine demolition derby.

Where: Monona County Fair, Onawa, IA
Highlight: 0:28 seconds in. Hot Deere on Deere action.

Where: Buck Motorsports Park, Lancaster, PA
Highlight: 2:30, when an cow-themed combine goes ass over teakettle.

Where: Banks Sunset Park, Banks, OR
Highlight: 4:36. A poky red-and-white combine gets absolutely wrecked from both sides.

Where: Bremer County Fair, Waverly, IA
Highlight: 1:21. A camera is strapped a camera to the front of a combine, putting you in the thick of the action.

Where: Yellow Medicine County Fair, Canby, MN.
Highlight: 2:02. A hard corner check sets the spectator fence to shaking.

(h/t Jalopnik)

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