5 Combine Demolition Derby Videos That’ll Wreck Your Neck

Got an old combine or harvester sitting around, collecting dust? Maybe it's time to enter a combine demolition derby. As spotted by the folks at Jalopnik, combine demo derbies are a perennial favorite at state and county fairs. They've been been going on for decades -- Lind, Washington may have held the first in 1988. Contestants strip down old combines, while reinforcing the header for maximum punch. Combines are eliminated when the header is completely destroyed, or the vehicle is immobilized. A bone-rattling good time is had by all.

We spent some times combing through YouTube videos to find our favorites. Pop some ibuprofen, strap on a neck brace, and follow along.

Where: Monona County Fair, Onawa, IA
Highlight: 0:28 seconds in. Hot Deere on Deere action.

Where: Buck Motorsports Park, Lancaster, PA
Highlight: 2:30, when an cow-themed combine goes ass over teakettle.

Where: Banks Sunset Park, Banks, OR
Highlight: 4:36. A poky red-and-white combine gets absolutely wrecked from both sides.

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Where: Bremer County Fair, Waverly, IA
Highlight: 1:21. A camera is strapped a camera to the front of a combine, putting you in the thick of the action.

Where: Yellow Medicine County Fair, Canby, MN.
Highlight: 2:02. A hard corner check sets the spectator fence to shaking.

(h/t Jalopnik)

5 Combine Demolition Derby Videos That’ll Wreck Your Neck