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Which Chicken Is Right For You?

Choosing the right breed of chicken is a lot like dating. Well, not really, but there are serious matters of compatibility at stake and hundreds of breeds to choose from. Before making a commitment, take a moment to consider your "type.”



For the meat lover:

Chickens, of course, are good for meat as well as eggs, and Cornish game hens offer broad breasts and good flavor. Also known as Indian game hens, these birds can be crossed with Sussex, Rhode Island Red and White Wyandotte to create traditional hybrids that will grow in 8 to 10 weeks. The Orpington also makes a good table bird, though eating it may feel like feasting on the family dog.


For city-dwellers and families:


For extreme climates:


For aesthetes:


For the chicken fancier:

The Orpington's easygoing personality and fluffy feathers make it an excellent pet, though it was originally developed as a dual-purpose utility breed, suitable for both eggs and meat. Buff Orpingtons are especially docile and were a favorite of the Queen Mum, who enjoyed keeping show chickens. Orpingtons are apt to go broody - that is, to stop laying and start incubating a clutch of eggs - but they make excellent parents. Although Orpingtons tend to be rather large, they are less destructive than other breeds because they are less focused on foraging. Don't expect any more than 200 eggs per year from an Orpington, though.


For the egg enthusiast:



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