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CSA Cooking: Smoked Trout Salad with Basil Oil Vinaigrette [with video]

Cool greens, rich Marcona almonds, and a bright, herbaceous vinaigrette make for a winning salad.

Sarah Scheffel
June 14, 2018
CSA Cooking: Edible Bok Choy Soup Spoons & Smoked Trout Dip [with...

These clever little scoops fashioned from bok choy stems make for a novel appetizer. Here's... (more)

Sarah Scheffel
June 12, 2018
Recipe: Crispy Salmon Skin and Charred Baby Bok Choy Salad [with video]

If you typically throw away the skin from your salmon, stop right now: It's delicious... (more)

Sarah Scheffel
June 5, 2018
Grilled Lemon Salmon with Wilted Spicy Greens, Wild Rice Pancakes, and Garden...

Stack spicy sautéed greens, nutty wild rice pancakes, and chargrilled salmon for a beautiful presentation.

Sarah Scheffel
June 1, 2018
Recipe: Cast-Iron Potato Gratin [with video]

Whether you call this gratin dauphinoise, like the French, or scalloped potatoes, as folks do... (more)

Sarah Scheffel
December 14, 2017
Recipe: Potato Latkes with Gravlax and Crème Fraiche [with video]

A perennial party favorite, these little hors d'oeuvres are a study in contrasts: hot golden-brown... (more)

Sarah Scheffel
December 13, 2017
Recipe: Garden Bounty Beef Stew with Hay-Roasted Onions [with video]

This succulent stew is created by building layer upon layer of flavor. You won't be... (more)

Sarah Scheffel
December 12, 2017
The H-2A Temporary Agricultural Worker Visa Process, Explained

And why the infamous "guest” worker program is such fertile ground for fraud and abuse.

Brian Barth
December 8, 2017
Recipe: Garden Vegetable Minestrone [with video]

Spend a few hours preparing this soup and you'll reap the benefits for days (or... (more)

Sarah Scheffel
November 8, 2017