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Where Can I Get Organic Weed?

And other questions about the environmental impact of cannabis cultivation.

Brian Barth
August 10, 2018
Five Ways to Support Threatened Species in Your Garden

With a little help, your backyard can double as a tiny slice of the wild

Brian Barth
August 2, 2018
In A Record Year, Almond Growers Are Nervous

The price of American almonds is dropping dramatically.

Dan Nosowitz
August 1, 2018
7 Crops to Plant This August

Don't wait until the fall to plant your "fall" garden.

Brian Barth
August 1, 2018
How Does Aeroponics Work?

Vegetables out of thin air? Learn more about this environmentally-friendly approach to food production.

Brian Barth
July 26, 2018
Ask Modern Farmer: What’s Wrong with my Tomato Plants?

Blights, wilts, spots and rots: a complete guide to diagnosing and dealing with the ugly... (more)

Brian Barth
July 24, 2018