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Meet the Modern Farmer

Q&A: Leidy Casimiro Rodriguez, Cuba’s Agroecology Queen

Her country learned the value of food sovereignty the hard way. Now she wants to... (more)

Brian Barth
April 15, 2019
Modern Farmer photographer shortlisted for prestigious Pink Lady Food Photography Awards!

Photographer Monica R. Goya is nominated in two categories: Bring Home the Harvest, and Food... (more)

Mónica R. Goya
April 10, 2019
Could Caged Oysters Be the Future of the Industry?

Shelley Farms raises its floating oysters off the coast of Louisiana.

Michael Patrick Welch
March 28, 2019
This Billboard Indie Folk Musician is Also Farm Folk

Gregory Alan Isakov’s two passions nurture each other.

Amanda McCracken
March 18, 2019
This Santa Fe Restaurateur Combines Her Love of Food, Farming and Design

Erin Wade’s success with her Vinaigrette restaurant chain began with her experience as a farmer.

Robin Babb
March 7, 2019
Meet the Winemaker Who Left California to Grow Grapes in Vermont

Krista Scruggs uses hybrids to produce wines without additives, fertilizers, pesticides or any other chemical... (more)

Julia Clancy
February 4, 2019
This English Farmer Grows Yorkshire Rhubarb in the Dark and Harvests by...

Robert Tomlinson grows lusciously pink rhubarb.

Mónica R. Goya
January 21, 2019
Russia Just Got Its First CSA

But not everyone can just join.

Stephan Sveshnikov
January 16, 2019
This is One of the First Farms in the Pacific Northwest to...

April Joy Farm is also the first Clark County farm to be approved by the... (more)

Lauren Turner
January 8, 2019