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The Quest to Turn Food Waste into Road Salt

From cheese brine to beet juice, these locally-sourced, environmentally-friendly de-icers are turning waste into safe... (more)

Brian Barth
February 18, 2019
When Ag and Oahu Collide, You Get a Hawaiian Rum with Terroir

All of the heirloom sugarcane is hand-harvested by machete.

Amber Gibson
February 18, 2019
The Modern Farmer Guide to Slow Tools

Like “slow food”? “Slow tool” revivalists are bringing back the implements needed to produce flavorful,... (more)

Brian Barth
February 14, 2019
Hong Kong Imports Over 90 Percent of Its Food, But That’s About...

Farmers are starting to re-emerge, supported by a restaurant scene that is wise to the... (more)

Sarah Treleaven
February 12, 2019
Five Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Do the planet a favor and skip the roses this year.

Brian Barth
February 11, 2019
The Modern Farmer Ode to Seed Catalogs

There is nothing better on a snowy evening than pulling up a chair by the... (more)

Brian Barth
February 7, 2019
These Four Farms Pair Agriculture with Autism for a Winning Mix

Farming provides a “terrific skill match”

Victoria Ellwood
January 24, 2019