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Spreadable Feminism

Nashville star puts a delicious twist on Old McDonald.

Brian Barth
September 10, 2018
We’re Looking for Modern Farmers to Take Over our Instagram!

We especially love baby farm animals, giant vegetables, and glorious sunrises!

Modern Farmer
September 9, 2018
The Modern Farmer Glossary of Farm Jargon

In which we decode those mysterious terms that farmers toss around, from agroecology to windrow.

Brian Barth
September 4, 2018
Things We Love: CleverMade Snapbasket Cooler

It can keep up to 50 cans chilled for up to 36 hours and collapses... (more)

Monica Michael Willis
September 3, 2018
Joint Ventures: How The Weed and Wine Industries Are Working Together

A budding partnership is blossoming between the vines in California's wine country.

Ella Buchan
August 31, 2018
Is Rhubarb Wine the New Rosé? This Maine-Based Winemaker Thinks It Just...

Amanda O'Brien of eighteen twenty wines in Portland, Maine, shares how she came to help... (more)

Melissa Massello
August 30, 2018
Fake News from the Garden: Five Plant Myths DEBUNKED

Can you tell the sex of a bell pepper by the number of bumps on... (more)

Brian Barth
August 29, 2018