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Global Guide to Local: Traverse City, MI

Four hours north of Detroit by car is Traverse City - locals affectionately call it... (more)

Bill Bradley
October 9, 2013
How to Surrender an Illegal Milk Crate

How to earn the praise of strangers and boost your self-esteem for about $10: surrender... (more)

Andrew Jenner
October 9, 2013
The Illustrated Journals of a Dairy Farmer in 1941

The continuing journals of dairy farmer W.G. Pope from 1941, as illustrated by his great-grandson.... (more)

Lucas Adams
October 8, 2013
Global Guide to Local: Slovenia

September is when Slovenia's Vipava Valley bursts into song. It's grape harvest season in the... (more)

Peterjon Cresswell
October 8, 2013
Shooting Slaughter: A Q&A with Photographer Sheri Giblin

Modern Farmer: Why’d you start shooting agriculture and pig slaughter? Sheri Giblin: Well, as a... (more)

Jake Swearingen
October 7, 2013
More Cowbell: From Herdsman’s Tool to Cultural Icon

How did the cowbell become, you know, "more cowbell"?

Lori Rotenberk
October 7, 2013
Sheep of Animal-Obsessed Artist Flock to NYC

Sheep take over a New York City gas station -- in the name of art.

Sam Brasch
October 4, 2013
The Rise of Rural TV

Shows like "Duck Dynasty" and "Farm Kings" helped pave the way for an entire television... (more)

Andy Wright
October 4, 2013
Farm Pop: On Farmers’ Daughters

The first installment of our new culture column, Farm Pop, looks at that lingering cliché:... (more)

Andy Wright
October 3, 2013