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Growing and Caring for Organic Strawberries

Get your strawberry plants well-established this summer and be rewarded with delicious fruit for the... (more)

Brian Barth
July 11, 2018
Backyard Biogas 101: We Answer 9 Important Questions

Biogas vs. biofuel? DIY or pre-fab? Is it legal? How much maintenance is required?

Brian Barth
June 27, 2018
Urban Gardening 101: How to Deal with Contaminated Soil

Soil in urban areas is more likely to be sullied by contaminates like lead and... (more)

Brian Barth
June 18, 2018
10 Smart Ways to Garden on the Cheap

Growing your own food and herbs shouldn't break the bank.

Brian Barth
May 29, 2018
How to Build a Three-Bin Compost System (And How to Use It,...

Two people can build our version - which repurposes free wood pallets - in an... (more)

Anita B. Stone
May 25, 2018
Weekend Project: How-To Build a Native Bee Hotel

Honeybees get all the attention, but these unsung workhorses deserve a place in your garden,... (more)

Brian Barth
May 16, 2018
The Modern Farmer Guide to Seed Selection, Plant Jargon, and Garden Planning

Seed catalogs be overwhelming - but Modern Farmer can help.

Brian Barth
May 10, 2018
How to Make an Herbal Tincture

Herbal tinctures are a time-tested way to keep the cold and flu bugs away. Follow... (more)

Brian Barth
April 17, 2018
Modern Farmer How-To: A Better Way to Build a Raised Bed

This blinged-out box takes vegetable growing to new heights.

Brian Barth
April 12, 2018