Meet the Modern Farmers

Meet the Modern Farmer: Sam McCullough

Sam McCullough was a high school senior chopping firewood for money when he was recruited... (more)

Grace Otis
March 20, 2018
“Farmers for Free Trade” Runs Ad During †œFox and Friends” To Get...

The commercial features a farmer from Montana and will run in D.C. and Florida, where... (more)

Dan Nosowitz
March 16, 2018
Meet the Soil Sisters: Making it as Female Farmers in a Man’s...

A look inside the world of this Wisconsin-based collective of sustainable-agriculture focused women.

Sarah McColl
March 8, 2018
Meet the Modern Farmer: Ryan Alexander of Alexander Farms

A former musician shows his Corn Belt neighbors that organic is an option.

Modern Farmer
February 5, 2018
Meet the Modern Farmers: Gary and Matthew Moretti

Matthew Moretti started Bangs Island Mussels with his father, Gary, after earning a master's in... (more)

Lynne Palazzi
January 25, 2018
Meet the Modern Farmers: Paul Haldeman and Deanna Nelson

A lifelong tree-tapper, Paul Haldeman considered himself a mere hobbyist - until he convinced neighbor... (more)

Joshua Lyon
January 9, 2018
Meet Ken Greene: A Book Worm With a Green Thumb†¦and a Passion...

This former children's librarian now runs one of the nation's foremost seed companies.

Annie Tomlin
January 9, 2018
Meet the Modern Farmer: Wendy Johnson

This former fashion blogger relocated from Los Angeles to Iowa to raise organic soy, corn,... (more)

Lynne Palazzi
January 3, 2018
Meet the Modern Farmer: Eliza MacLean

A butcher shop and a handful of quirky Airbnbs help the farm stay alive.

Joshua Lyon
December 27, 2017