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Modern Farmer is launching the Million Gardens Movement to build a community of people who believe our everyday decisions about what we eat and how we live directly shape our land and our society. We want to bring together people who understand the simple act of planting a tomato is an act of hope and resilience.


Covid-19 and the recession have revealed our food systems and our communities can be vulnerable. It is our hope that members of the Million Gardens Movement can come together to help address these issues, and to help their community.


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Urban Permaculture

Our publisher, Frank Giustra, has been learning about urban permaculture from certified permaculture designer Laura Marie Neubert. They have produced a series of videos to help others understand the benefits of this easy, sustainable approach to vegetable gardening. Click here to watch the full series of urban permaculture videos.

Welcome to the Million Gardens Movement


I am delighted to announce that in response to the coronavirus pandemic the Giustra Foundation is launching the Million Gardens Movement to build, over the next few years, a community of one million gardeners and to encourage the planting of a million new gardens, whether it’s on a windowsill or in your backyard.

In these days, as we all struggle with social isolation, disrupted supply chains, and economic hardship, simply growing a tomato can be an act of hope and resilience that unites us.

We want to build a community of gardeners – whether you tend an acre or have a lone pot on your fire escape. We want to create a place where you can learn how to garden better, encourage those planting their first seeds, share your triumphs and troubles, and most importantly help each other and help others.

The Million Gardens Movement will encourage community members to support the work of great organizations such as World Central Kitchen, or your local foodbank, and we will offer many ways to do so.

I believe everyone has a stake in the food chain. Every day we all take decisions—what we grow, what we buy, what we eat—that directly shape our land and our society. We are all, in different ways, stewards of the land and each other. In other words: We are all modern farmers now. And I hope the Million Gardens Movement can bring together people who share this belief, so we can grow something great together.


Frank Giustra


Share your garden pictures and stories on social media using the hashtag #MillionGardens.

Plant a Garden, Grow YOUR Community

  • You can grow a garden from Alaska to Puerto Rico, and anywhere in between.

    Connect with fellow gardeners, get planting suggestions, share your successes – join the Million Gardens Movement today!

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Support World Central Kitchen

Plant a "Virtual Garden" by making donatation to World Central Kitchen – an amazing organization that has served over 5 million meals to families affected by COVID-19.

Learn to Garden

All proceeds from our Million Gardens Movement sales go to World Central Kitchen.