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Meet the New Drone That Could Be a Farmer’s Best Friend

If it were possible to give every square foot of the farm exactly what it... (more)

Rachel Rohr
January 21, 2014
How to Set Up a Home Generator

With wild weather on the rise, home generators are no longer just a convenience, but... (more)

Andrew Jenner
January 14, 2014
Farmer Worried About Climate Change? Cornell Wants to Help

Maybe all it takes to get climate scientists and farmers to collaborate on climate change... (more)

Sam Brasch
January 9, 2014
The Online Farm-To-Table Hub

Lucky for marketing-shy farmers, in recent years a new tool has cropped up to make... (more)

Hannah Wallace
November 6, 2013
Making It Rain: A Timeline of Weather Control

Human cultures have long asked the skies for rain, but we've gotten scientific about it... (more)

Sam Brasch
October 30, 2013
Using Drones in the Fight Against Apple Scab

Researchers at the University of New Hampshire are working on a new tool to combat... (more)

Rachel Rohr
October 28, 2013
A Backyard Wind Farm of Your Very Own

Harness the wind to power your house.

Andrew Jenner
October 11, 2013
Why Monsanto Spent $1 Billion on Climate Data

Going beyond seeds to data farming.

Dan Mitchell
October 2, 2013
Wind Farms Stir Up a Cyclone of Controversy

Way down under in Tasmania, a bitter wind is blowing around a proposal to build... (more)

Rebecca Flint Marx
June 26, 2013