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Cropped: How to Grow Microgreens

Go from sowing to selling in less than a month with these tiny, trendy leaves.

Jenny Flores
July 8, 2016
Got Figs? How to Grow California Crops Outside Ag’s Golden State

Modern Farmer's guide to getting in on the California cornucopia - no matter where you... (more)

Brian Barth
June 3, 2016
How to Grow Your Own Superfoods

Five superfoods that you're better off growing at home.

Brian Barth
June 1, 2016
Double Digging: How to Build a Better Veggie Bed

Getting ready to prep your beds for spring planting? Try this soil-friendly alternative to tilling.

Brian Barth
March 7, 2016
How to Build a Bio-Swale (and Why You Should Want To!)

A swell soil-building, runoff-reducing project for a cool fall day.

Brian Barth
November 17, 2015
How to Choose a Cover Crop

Planting cover crops now can improve soil quality for your spring planting. Our no-nonsense chart... (more)

Shepherd Ogden
October 21, 2015
How to Plant Garlic this Fall for Summer Harvest

Plant hardneck and softneck varieties this fall to yield next summer's harvest: bulbs for growing... (more)

Dan Sullivan
October 15, 2015