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Young Farmers Share Their Biggest Concerns in a New Survey from the...

We need young farmers more than ever. But we're not making life easy for them.

Dan Nosowitz
December 1, 2017
European Union Votes to Allow Glyphosate for the Next Five Years

After months of deliberation, a vote was held.

Dan Nosowitz
November 29, 2017
The Killing Fields

A deadly kidney disease is ravaging the rice-growing regions of Sri Lanka. Are synthetic fertilizers... (more)

Brian Barth
July 31, 2017
4-H: Indoctrination Nation

Though often viewed through the hazy lens of nostalgia, 4-H was always intended as an... (more)

Sarah McColl
July 25, 2017
Trump’s Renewal of Cuba Embargo Could Cost Farmers $125 Million Annually

That pales in comparison with, say, Canada or China, but it's not nothing.

Dan Nosowitz
June 23, 2017
It’s Time For The US Census Of Agriculture!

Make sure your voice is heard.

Dan Nosowitz
April 21, 2017
Happy Cesar Chavez Day! 12 Vintage Photos from Historic Farm Labor Protests

Farm workers still don't have adequate labor rights, but thanks to more than a century... (more)

Brian Barth
March 31, 2017
The High Cost of Cheap Labor

There's a crisis brewing in our fields, and it's about to get much, much worse.

Brian Barth
February 21, 2017
New York Governor Urged To Pass Farm-To-Food-Bank Bill

Give farmers a tax break to donate to food banks!

Dan Nosowitz
October 26, 2016