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Turn Cow Poop into $10,000? Bingo!

The first year Missoula played Cow Pie Bingo, it was raining; Blessame the cow was... (more)

Jesse Hirsch
August 6, 2013
16 Porkers from the Past

Thanks to the Library of Congress and their voluminous photo archives (which we have dipped... (more)

Francis Dougherty
August 2, 2013
A Hydroponic Rooftop Farm Grows in the Bronx

This hydroponic farm represents both a modern way to bring farming into urban areas and... (more)

Gloria Dawson
August 2, 2013
Cashing In: Specialty Crops Bolster Urban Farms

Many urban farmers are increasingly turning to "value-added” crops, refining their raw harvest - by,... (more)

Christopher Weber
August 1, 2013
Ask a Mongolian Camel Herder

We tracked down Badamsuren, a Mongolian camel herder in his mid-50s, to learn a bit... (more)

Jesse Hirsch
July 31, 2013
Ham-Fisted: Banker Forks Over Big Dough for Perfect Pig

G. Chris Andersen is in the premier league of Wall Street investment bankers. But now?... (more)

Pete Warzel
July 29, 2013
5 Cool-As-Heck Cattle Stampede Videos

The cattle stampede is a mainstay of cowboy movies (see both City Slickers and City... (more)

Jake Swearingen
July 29, 2013
4 New Studies are a Buzzkill for Bees

This summer has seen more bad news for bees. Here are four recent sad studies

Gloria Dawson
July 29, 2013
All Hands on a Horse Body

Jan Barley is a Reiki practitioner; when she touches your horse, she gets results.

Jesse Hirsch
July 26, 2013