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A Good Soil Test Is Hard to Find

Every day, backyard farmers and urban homesteaders across the country fill little plastic baggies with... (more)

Nate Seltenrich
July 10, 2013
Drone, Drone on the Range

Drones aren't just for spying and unmanned warfare. Farmers are finding uses for herding cattle,... (more)

Caleb Garling
July 8, 2013
3 Questions About the Zombie Farm Bill

Here are some questions (and answers) about our about-to-be "undead" Farm Bill.

Rebecca Flint Marx
July 3, 2013
Old Time Farm Crime: Trench Warfare

In mid-19th century Argentina, cattle raiding had reached such a roiling boil that the government... (more)

Andrew Amelinckx
July 3, 2013
Why Rising Beef Prices Are No Bull for the Leather Industry

Between drought and a decrease in per capita beef consumption, the past few years have... (more)

Rebecca Flint Marx
July 2, 2013
Palm Oil: It’s in Your Oreos, Killing Your Rainforests

When most people think about palm oil, if they think about it at all, they... (more)

Rebecca Flint Marx
July 1, 2013
Snail Panic

It's huge, it's slimy, and it's the "single greatest threat to Florida agriculture." Meet the... (more)

Jesse Hirsch
July 1, 2013
How to Chicken-Proof Your Garden

You wouldn't have babies and not prepare your house for them. Same goes for chickens... (more)

Virginia C. McGuire
June 28, 2013
The Cattle Disease Spreading From Texas to Iowa

Anemia, weakness, and jaundice: those are three symptoms of anaplasmosis, a disease that’s causing some... (more)

Rebecca Flint Marx
June 28, 2013