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Wind Farms Stir Up a Cyclone of Controversy

Way down under in Tasmania, a bitter wind is blowing around a proposal to build... (more)

Rebecca Flint Marx
June 26, 2013
Creating Cosmopolitan Chickens, One Hybrid at a Time

Chicken Obscura: Another Belgian man fascinated by domestic interiors makes his art with chickens.

Hanna Raskin
June 24, 2013
Turkey Wars: Farmers vs. Wild Turkeys

With blue heads, bright red wattles and spectacular tiers of bronze, black and beige feathers,... (more)

Karen Pinchin
June 24, 2013
From the Racetrack to the Buggy

The Amish don't gamble - but they buy their buggy horses from people who do.... (more)

Andrew Jenner
June 21, 2013
Farmer Mistakes: Shock to the System

Jay Vogler was a produce farmer for many years in Charlotte, VT. In 1993, he... (more)

Jesse Hirsch
June 20, 2013
A 45-Page, Handwritten, Illustrated Essay From an Amish Organic Farmer

The Modern Farmer team got a treat via parcel post last month.

Jesse Hirsch and Tom Wolf
June 19, 2013
In Seattle’s Beacon Hill Neighborhood, a Garden of Eden Is Growing

Seattle will soon be home to the Beacon Food Forest, a seven-acre woodland comprised of... (more)

Rebecca Flint Marx
June 18, 2013
Dirt-Free Farming: Will Hydroponics (Finally) Take Off?

The hydroponic revolution has been poised to change farming for over 70 years. When will... (more)

Eric Siegel
June 18, 2013
17 Farm Animals That Need to Respect Personal Boundaries

Farm animals, we love you. But we also need you to respect our personal space.

Jake Swearingen
June 17, 2013