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How a Farm Helped Save Sea Turtles in the Cayman Islands

In the Cayman Islands, sea turtles are more than just a majestic creature. The animal... (more)

Shelby Vittek
May 7, 2021
Harvest Hosts Connects Family Farms With RV Travelers

Last spring, as the pandemic shuttered small businesses across the country, Dave Putnam began to... (more)

Shelby Vittek
April 17, 2021
How Insect Sex Pheromones Are Saving Argentina’s Wine Industry

In 2008, a new pest appeared in South American vineyards for the first time. The... (more)

Shelby Vittek
April 10, 2021
Why Are Banned ‘Bee-Killer’ Neonicotinoids Still Being Used in Europe?

Over the past decade, the European Union has been tightening its regulatory grip on neonicotinoid... (more)

Annie-Rose Harrison-Dunn
March 15, 2021
Scientists Discover That Pigs Can Play Video Games

Animal intelligence, as we’ve mentioned here before, is a hugely messy concept that we still... (more)

Dan Nosowitz
February 19, 2021
No Milk Without Meat?

Female mammals only produce milk to feed their young. It’s as true for a woman... (more)

Annie-Rose Harrison-Dunn
February 1, 2021
Small Ranchers, Big Problems

When Rhiannon Hampson’s dairy herd births a male calf, she jumps on the phone that... (more)

Catie Joyce-Bulay
January 25, 2021
Could Indoor Vertical Farms Be the Future of Livestock Feed?

Along Utah’s Highway 68 in the small community of Elberta, Utah stands an industrial dome.... (more)

Lindsay Campbell
January 16, 2021
A Dairy Solution for Australia’s Out-of-Control Feral Camels

Ten years ago, Australian cattle grazier Paul Martin decided that he couldn’t stand to see... (more)

Denise Cullen
November 30, 2020