Meet Justin Thyme: Abandoned and left to die, he fought like the...

How a throw-away racehorse kindled the birth of a horse sanctuary.

Renee Lewin
January 28, 2019
Meet Mumma: She kept the herd in line.

That was her self-appointed job. That’s what she seemed born to do. And not even... (more)

Renee Lewin
January 14, 2019
Meet Rodney: Sight unseen, a cow’s best friend.

Faced with the helplessness of his blind heifer Rosie, Farmer Rick Friday enlisted this little... (more)

Renee Lewin
December 31, 2018
Meet Blonnie: A best friend, always and forever.

She’s the perfectly imperfect cow who gave a shy girl with a rare brain disease... (more)

Renee Lewin
December 17, 2018
Meet Oakley: Rescued from a kill farm, now rescuing others.

How an abused horse returned from the brink to help an at-risk teenage girl find... (more)

Renee Lewin
December 3, 2018
Meet Winston: America’s First Certified Therapeutic Rooster

From the moment he dons his red bandana, he's ready to comfort people in pain.... (more)

Renee Lewin
November 18, 2018