Which Pig: Find Your Next Pig Thing

Our guide to finding the perfect porcine pal, whether for companionship or lardo.

Karen Leibowitz
March 10, 2014
Which Sheep: Find the Sheep of Your Dreams

With more than a thousand breeds to choose from, first-time sheep farmers must plan carefully,... (more)

Karen Leibowitz
December 9, 2013
Farmivore: Going Grass-Fed, Profits Be Damned

Grass-fed beef is environmentally friendly, fairly rare and neither the price nor the taste appeal... (more)

Karen Leibowitz
September 26, 2013
The Farmivore: Cooking with Plankton

This is the first installment of a monthly column called The Farmivore, dedicated to the... (more)

Karen Leibowitz
May 2, 2013
Which Chicken Is Right For You?

Choosing the right breed of chicken is a lot like dating. Well, not really, but... (more)

Karen Leibowitz
April 3, 2013