The Probiotic That Won’t Make Your Vagina Smell Like Fruit

This week wasn't all peachy for a new a bio-startup, "Sweet Peach.” According to them,... (more)

Charles McFarlane
November 25, 2014
Close Up: Cashews

A closer look at this popular, crescent-shaped nut.

Charles McFarlane
October 24, 2014
Just Peachy: Peaches Caught in Crossfire of Russian Trade War

The soft, sweet peach has found itself embroiled in geopolitical controversy.

Charles McFarlane
August 13, 2014
Turnip for What: 10 Vintage Pictures of Turnip Farming

Another Library of Congress photo archive deep dive, this time all about turnips.

Charles McFarlane
August 1, 2014
Feeding 9 Billion People: A Q&A with Paul McMahon

We talk to Paul McMahon about his refreshingly non-dogmatic look at the global food system... (more)

Charles McFarlane
July 22, 2014
Buttered Up: 12 Vintage Pictures of Churning Butter

Butter is one of the oldest foods, dating back to 6500 BC. Legend says that... (more)

Charles McFarlane
March 21, 2014