Andy Wright, Author at Modern Farmer
Moo-F-Os: What’s Behind Tales of Cattle Mutilation?

UFOs, sinister cults and secret government operations have all been blamed. Scientists have put forth... (more)

Andy Wright
September 11, 2014
Devil Dogs: The Mysterious Black Dogs of England

These monstrous black dogs with glowing red eyes have spooked and intrigued people for centuries.

Andy Wright
June 13, 2014
When Terriers Attack: Working Dogs Return to Their Rat-Hunting Roots

Safer than rat poison and with astonishing instincts to hunt and kill rats, terriers may... (more)

Andy Wright
June 9, 2014
Half Wild: Iceland’s Incredible Horses

Photographer Lindsay Blatt makes a film about the incredible half-wild horses of Iceland.

Andy Wright
June 6, 2014
Livestock Portraits: A Picture Worth a Thousand Herds

Margaret Taylor grew up on a farm in the rural English countryside and has been... (more)

Andy Wright
April 28, 2014
Cows on the Edge

For centuries, families have inhabited chalets that dot the valley, caring for herds of small... (more)

Andy Wright
March 21, 2014
Pigheaded: How Smart are Swine?

Pigs can play video games, distinguish peppermint from spearmint, maybe even lie to each other.... (more)

Andy Wright
March 10, 2014
This is the Only Must-Read Fashion Week Story About Goats

It's Fashion Week and these goats are everything.

Andy Wright
February 10, 2014
Rural Crime School: To Catch a Cattle Thief

"Don't wear anything you don't want to get cow poop on." Welcome to Rural Crime... (more)

Andy Wright
January 24, 2014