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The True Story Behind “Mary Had a Little Lamb”

The nursery rhyme, which was was first published in 1830, is based on an actual... (more)

Andrew Amelinckx
December 19, 2017
Paul Shapiro, Humane Society VP, Discusses His New Book, “Clean Meat”

A new book by Paul Shapiro explores the fascinating world of lab-grown meat.

Andrew Amelinckx
December 7, 2017
Amazon Has a Patent For a “Garden Service” That Would Help You...

A new patent may mean you may not be able to avoid the massive... (more)

Andrew Amelinckx
December 5, 2017
The World’s Renewed Love of Butter is Contributing to a Shortage of...

In France people are hoarding butter because of a shortage. But if you loved butter... (more)

Andrew Amelinckx
November 28, 2017
Everlane Is Using Black Friday Sales to Bring Farm-Fresh Food to Garment...

Clothing company Everlane is using its Black Friday sales to provide container farms for its... (more)

Andrew Amelinckx
November 22, 2017
Six Weird Turkey Facts to Amp Up Your Thanksgiving Conversations

Keep these in your back pocket in case someone tries to break your family's "no... (more)

Andrew Amelinckx
November 21, 2017
New Discovery Shows Humans Have Been Growing Grapes for Wine for 8,000...

Remnants of the oldest wine made from grapes in history was recently discovered in Georgia... (more)

Andrew Amelinckx
November 16, 2017
I Know Ewe! Sheep Can Recognize Human Faces

This has important implications for humans and the study of neurodegenerative disorders.

Andrew Amelinckx
November 15, 2017
Puppy Power! A Newbie Collie Herded A Flock into His Farmer’s Home

Rocky, a young sheepherding dog in training, was a bit too enthusiastic at his job.

Andrew Amelinckx
November 3, 2017