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Alleged Thieves Mistake Hops Farm for Pot Farm

It sounds like the three Canadian suspects who allegedly broke into a hops farm after... (more)

Andrew Amelinckx
December 12, 2016
Avocado May Be Key to Stopping Listeria Outbreaks

A new study finds compounds in avocado seeds and flesh can prevent the growth of... (more)

Andrew Amelinckx
December 2, 2016
The Pilgrims Had No Idea How to Farm Here. Luckily, They Had...

New England's soil isn't quite the same as England's.

Andrew Amelinckx
November 23, 2016
Did Ben Franklin Actually Prefer the Turkey to the Bald Eagle As...

Ben Franklin may have loved turkeys, but it turns out he didn't actually want them... (more)

Andrew Amelinckx
November 17, 2016
New Technology Could Keep Billions of Male Chicks From Being Ground Alive

An Austin, Texas-based pasture raised egg company is hoping to end the needless deaths of... (more)

Andrew Amelinckx
November 8, 2016
Pesticide Drift Leads to Alleged Murder

An argument between two farmers on the border of Arkansas and Missouri over the pesticide... (more)

Andrew Amelinckx
November 4, 2016
Indianapolis’ Urban Farms Help Tackle Urban Problems

Indianapolis has an outsized food access problem, but a number of mission-driven urban farms are... (more)

Andrew Amelinckx
November 4, 2016
Halloween’s Agricultural Roots

Halloween's ancient roots are as much about agriculture as scary costumes and jack-o-lanterns. Maybe this... (more)

Andrew Amelinckx
October 31, 2016