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Dang! Draft Horses are Amazingly Strong. Like, Can-Pull-a-Semi-Truck Strong.

A pair of Shires once pulled 50 tons, or the equivalent of a semi truck,... (more)

Andrew Amelinckx
Harness the Power of Draft Horses

Earth-friendly and emotionally rewarding, equine-fueled agriculture is experiencing a renaissance.

Brian Barth
The Seafaring Draft Horses of Prince Edward Island

As the old tradition of Irish moss gathering wanes, a new farm-based market for seaweed... (more)

Brian Barth
Before You Trade Your Tractor for a Draft Horse, Consider This Expert’s...

A seasoned teamster speaks on how to train horses for farm work - and on... (more)

Brian Barth
7 Vintage Photos of Draft-Horse Farming

A ride on the time machine back to old-school draft-horse farming.

Gabrielle Saulsbery
Want to Master Draft-Horse Farming? Sterling College’ll Teach You How

Vermont's Sterling College offers the first 15-credit Draft Horse Management minor of any accredited university... (more)

Gabrielle Saulsbery
The Draft-Horse Gear and Tools You Need

Linking a horse to farming implements is a bit more involved than saddling up for... (more)

Brian Barth