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Immigrants Feed America

Immigrants Feed America t-shirts are back – find them at the Modern Farmers Market

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Immigrants work our farms, harvest our produce, staff our restaurants, and bring passion and flavor to American cuisine. They deserve the same respect and dignity as every modern farmer—not walls and cages. 

We’ve brought back our popular “Immigrants Feed America” t-shirts to show our support and yours for immigrant farm and food workers. Get one today at the Modern Farmers’ Market (

Immigrants Feed America T-Shirts

For every “Immigrants Feed America” shirt purchased we’ll make a donation to Farmworker Justice, a nonprofit organization that seeks to empower migrant and seasonal farmworkers to improve their living and working conditions, immigration status, health, occupational safety, and access to justice. Get yours!

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10 months ago

I think the t-shirt has a message that we should not be proud of but rather ashamed of. Are we too important, too busy to feed ourselves? is it good that we don’t know how to feed ourselves? Is it a good thing that our abundantly dressed tables and over-fed bodies are filled off the labor of the poor? and that we construct a system that depends on that relationship? I don’t think so.

8 months ago

I think you’re missing the point. We have built a system that is dependent on migrant labor to harvest crops and many of them are undocumented. The entire system came to be because the jobs were low wage and deemed too difficult by most citizens. You can’t just hire more citizens to do the labor. They don’t exist, hence the need for immigrant labor. Raise to a living wage and maybe you may entice more citizen workers however that’s not a given. Raising the wage may encourage more illegal immigrants wanting a better life to seek those jobs. We need… Read more »

Ron Robinson
1 year ago

I got to work the fields as a kid before the child labor laws ruined it for our youth. Now they don’t even know how to work and we all want cheap food. Immigrants fill that nitch perfectly. Look at the Iowa dairy industry where it is off limits for ICE as they are so dependent on immigrants.

wayne kennedy
2 years ago

only 5% at most are field labor

Eve Breitung
1 year ago

What sources are you (MF) getting your data from?

7 months ago

I thought there was a law against eating them.

10 months ago

Legal or Illegal ? if Legal they deserve a fair wage if Illegal allowed to work at substandard wages because of intimidation they should get their citizenship like the Legal Immigrants do or be deported

Aaron Kulkis
1 year ago

Or, you know, go back to hiring many of the millions of Americans who are unemployed.

Christopher Spiva
2 years ago

Break it then! It needs to be broken and fixed just like all our other failing systems

Jim Hollock
1 year ago

If immigrants have come here surreptitiously, thus illegally, then they should be deported and stay out of our country until such a time they can enter legally. We will survive without them.