We're Looking for Modern Farmers to Take Over our Instagram! - Modern Farmer

We’re Looking for Modern Farmers to Take Over our Instagram!

We especially love baby farm animals, giant vegetables, and glorious sunrises!

An Insta-takeover worthy sunset on the farm
Photography By Helen Hotson/ shutterstock.com

We love farmers, and farmers love Modern Farmer! So we thought it would be great to learn more about you. We’re reaching out to those who want to show us what life is like where you live, with our Instagram Takeovers.

Simply fill out the form and start snapping amazing photos of your life on the homestead. (Psst: We especially love baby farm animals, giant vegetables, and glorious sunrises!)

Selected entries will be featured every other Saturday, whereupon photos and stories from your farm will run all day long. Click the link: We can’t wait to see what you’ve got.

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Amy and Will Campbell
4 years ago

We are a small family farm with two cute kids, baby chicks, piglets, and calves.

4 years ago

Would love to be part of Modern Farmer. My Instagram is @city_echo_dairy featuring photos of our farm in Central Wisconsin. Please use any of those you wish and what a great idea!!!! Bev

4 years ago

I’m a homesteader in north west Florida. I use a busted camera but have some great shots!

4 years ago


4 years ago

Check out my 2 Instagram accounts. I am a Brit who now lives in SW Wisconsin and I am a solo female farmer raising free range, heritage breed, grass fed sheep

4 years ago

I’d love to do a takeover this spring or summer! I am a one-woman show, intensively farming just under half an acre on urban land I purchased from my town’s redevelopment authority at the beginning of 2018. (I spent two years prior to that working with the city to change the zoning and establish an urban farming ordinance so that I could start my farm!) 2019 will be my second season and I’m so excited for everything that’s in store! ??‍?

Heriberto Garay
4 years ago

I’m a third generation farmer nice idea I got lots snaps .

4 years ago

Hello, I’m Elizabeth. I start 1200 seeds, self sustaining foods/herbs, on 1/10 of an acre. 4am wakeup allows for daily sunrises.

4 years ago

Hi There –

I’m a big fan of Modern Farmer. We’ll have lambs, vegetables and sunrises this summer. We are in our first year of wool production and offer a yarn CSA called Fiber Fleet, as well as kind and sustainably harvested lanolin products from boiling the wool after spring shearing.

We’d love to share the love of sheep, soil health and kind wool processing on your platform.



4 years ago

Thanks for considering Spade & Plow, folks!