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“Soil My Undies” Challenge Has Farmers Burying Underwear In Their Fields

It's a test for healthy soil.

The first farming challenge we've seen involving underwear.
Photography Farmers Guild

Started by the Farmers Guild in California, the Soil Your Undies Challenge is a test designed to show the power and importance of healthy soil.

The Challenge is easy: Simply bury a pair of 100 percent cotton underwear – generally white briefs have been the garment of choice – in your farm, garden, or pasture. Two months later, dig them up and inspect and document the changes.


Healthy soil contains all sorts of bacteria, earthworms, fungi, and other little organisms that like to eat organic matter, like, just for example, cotton underwear. In two months, underwear buried in healthy soil will be completely eaten through, leaving little but an elastic waistband.

Farm organizations throughout North America are participating; we’ve found Challengers in Wisconsin, Delaware, Ottawa, and elsewhere. And there’s still plenty of time to bury underwear in your soil, if you want to participate! If you do, send us your pics on Instagram @ModFarm or on Twitter @ModFarm!

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