Livestock Auctioneers + Hip Hop Beats = Pure Gold - Modern Farmer

Livestock Auctioneers + Hip Hop Beats = Pure Gold

The best Schoolboy Q x cattle auctioneer mashups we've heard in 2016.

Screenshot via Auctioneer Beats

But none of those vines have really had much of an agricultural element to them. Even the duck one doesn’t involve real ducks. But now, finally, the farming community has its own viral Vine: a user by the name of Auctioneer Beats, who cuts and pastes audio from cattle auctioneers over beats from hip-hop artists like Schoolboy Q and J. Cole, and the results – well, they’re pretty fantastic. Here are a few:

Auction chants, with their particular cadence of rhythmic repetition of phrases and numbers, don’t happen by accident. Auctioneers are actually required by most industries to attend an auction school, a sort of technical college where the ins and outs of the auctioneer’s job are taught. The particular style and ability are even judged in competitions, which, thank god, you can find on YouTube. Here, look:

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