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Inside the Wonderful World of Goat Parkour

The popular subreddit is proof that goats are the new cats of the Internet.

Two months ago on Reddit, one enterprising user created a subreddit – a subforum dedicated to a niche topic – featuring gifs and videos of kids bounding about like parkour artists. But in the last couple of days, the subreddit has seen a sudden rise in popularity, thanks in part to coverage from publications like Slate, which cites goat parkour as the “best evidence yet that goats are the new cats.” High praise indeed, but we’ll let the videos speak for themselves.

[mf_video type=”youtube” id=”5IuRzJRrRpQ”]

[mf_h1 align=”left” transform=”uppercase”]Buttermilk, the Original Parkour Goat[/mf_h1]

Many have hailed Buttermilk from Took a Leap Farm in Houlton, Maine as the original parkour goat. Back in 2012, Buttermilk Sky, then a five-week old Nigerian Dwarf kid, was caught on camera doing sweet jumps off her goat friends’ backs. The video captured people’s hearts and has more than 12 million views to date.

[mf_video type=”youtube” id=”58-atNakMWw”]

[mf_h1 align=”left” transform=”uppercase”]Balance Training[/mf_h1]

A group of four goats – two adults, two kids – practice balancing on a flexible steel ribbon.

[mf_video type=”youtube” id=”TtUz514rXKo”]

[mf_h1 align=”left” transform=”uppercase”]Wild Parkour Goats[/mf_h1]

These wild goats can do wall runs in their sleep; bonus points for great narration.

[mf_video type=”youtube” id=”3cjK_A_12v8″]

[mf_h1 align=”left” transform=”uppercase”]Wall Runs[/mf_h1]

No fence can hold him.

[mf_video type=”youtube” id=”h42J__Ib4cw”]

[mf_h1 align=”left” transform=”uppercase”]Parkour Goat-in-Training[/mf_h1]

This little guy is just getting started.

[mf_h1 align=”left” transform=”uppercase”]And here are a few bonus GIFs[/mf_h1]


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