The Official Modern Farmer LambCam!

It’s Sheep Week here at Modern Farmer and we’d like to introduce you to our newest obsession. Meet the rowdy sheep of Juniper Moon Farms in Palmyra, Virginia. It’s a full-on posse: 12 lambs and 23 adult sheep (plus four Italian sheep dogs, five goats and a llama, thrown in for comic relief).

Half the sheep are Cormos (white) and half are Border Leicesters (multicolored). They’re bred for wool, not meat, and they love their owners with a fierceness. Of course, they show their affection as only sheep can — head-butting stomachs and nosing through pockets for loose change.

Now we know there’s some goat die-hards out there, unwilling to share their love. No worries — GoatCam is alive and well. But might we suggest you open your heart again? Sheep are super, especially this frisky bunch. Heck, you could even watch GoatCam and LambCam in side-by-side browsers!

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Note to the sleepless and the lonely: LambCam has night vision, so feel free to hit us up for some wooly 3 a.m. company.

A zillion thanks to farmer Susan Gibbs and technical consultant Paul Karasz, for all their tireless assistance.

The Official Modern Farmer LambCam!