Two Baaaaad Boys Found Grazing Along Brooklyn Subway Tracks

"Attention passengers, we are delayed because of goat traffic ahead.”

Erin Scottberg
August 22, 2018
Where to Use Human Waste as Fertilizer†”and Irrigation

Biosolids can be more useful in some places than others.

Dan Nosowitz
August 21, 2018
The Much-Loathed Monsanto Name Is About to Die

What do Americans think about the Bayer name?

Dan Nosowitz
August 20, 2018
Chinese Regulators Say Trout Can Be Sold as Salmon

The rationale? "It's the same family.†

Dan Nosowitz
August 17, 2018
The Problem With Cannabis Packaging

Your weed packaging isn't so green.

Dan Nosowitz
August 17, 2018
With Dairy Farmers Struggling, USDA to Buy $50 Million Worth of Milk

This is different from the $12 billion farmer bailout.

Dan Nosowitz
August 15, 2018
Can Farming Actually Provoke Rain?

Does the old saying "rain follows the plow?" Sort of. Maybe.

Dan Nosowitz
August 14, 2018